Indonesia is a lot of people who spend time traveling to mountainous areas, especially to the tourist attractions especially in the Banten region, which is now being built new tourist attractions by the mayor of Banten. One of them is Curug Sawer.

Although the existence of Cigeulis subdistrict is not very popular among local tourists and domestic tourists, Cigeulis district is a region that is used as a route tour traffic Pulau Umang and Ciputih Beach.

Not only that, Cigeulis district actually keeps tourism potential that can still be developed, one of them is Curug Sawer nature tourism located less than 1 KM from the center of Cigeulis Sub-district. You can get to the location by walking for about 10 minutes or can also ride a motorcycle if you want to get faster.

In Indonesia Curug means waterfall. Unlike most waterfalls, the waterfall of Sawer Banten has two levels of the waterfall. The one named Lalakina Waterfall (male) at the top with a height of 25 meters. The second is called Bikang Waterfall (female) with a height of 1 meter. Besides the two waterfalls are apparently under the Bikang waterfall there are underwater caves that can reach 8 kilometers and culminated in the estuary area Babakan Nangka. This is what adds to the beauty of the waterfall located in Pandeglang, Banten.

Curug Sawer is not a little traditional myth, especially in the field of waterfall Bikang, said in this waterfall is a white crocodile that keeps the virginity of Curug Bikang from the influence of human-stained. This crocodile always appeared as an elderly grandfather when the full moon arrived. The exception of this location is also not uncommon as a living room especially in the flat stone sector covered with a scrub in Lalaki waterfall and there is also a meditated above the Buddhist waterfall.



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