Parish Council
Parish Council
– Doug Griggs, Matthew Wickens, Tim Corbishley, Katie Palmer-Stevens, Adrian Bennett, Denise Stanworth
Clerk to the Council – Claire Dunk

There were 10,200 parishes in England in 1997 of which 8,629 parishes have an elected council called a parish council totaling some 70,000 local councilors.
You must be over 21 years of age to become a member of a parish council. If a member fails throughout six consecutive months to attend any meetings of the council they will be disqualified and barred from holding office.
The Checkendon Parish Councillors were elected unopposed.
Chairman-Doug Griggs
Footpaths-Adrian Bennett
Planning – Tim Corbishley, Matthew Wickens
Sports Club & Recreation Ground – Matthew Wickens
Vice-Chairman -Matthew Wickens
Highways – Doug Griggs
Playground – Doug Griggs, Tim Corbishley
Village Hall – Denise Stanworth
Clerk & Finance Officer -Claire Dunk
Litter – All
School – Matthew Wickens

Council Meetings

The Parish Council meets seven times a year. The dates for 2009 are:

  • 5th January 2009
  • 2nd March 2009
  • 23rd March 2009 Annual Electors Meeting
  • 11th May 2009 Annual Parish Meeting
  • 6th July 2009
  • 7th September 2009
  • 2nd November 2009

All meetings are on a Monday at 7.45pm in Checkendon Village Hall and members of the public are welcome to attend.
A quorum of three members must attend each meeting. The chairman and vice-chairman are elected each May at the Annual Parish Meeting and councilors assigned their responsibilities.
Minutes of a council meeting may be viewed online, see Council Documents below.

Local Government

There are two further levels of elected local government in this area: district and county.
There follows a summary of the main activities performed by these elected bodies.

South Oxfordshire District Council

  • Public amenities including rubbish collection, recycling, litter, street cleaning & street nameplates
  • Building control, planning, appeals and enforcement
  • Community safety
  • Council tax collection
  • Elections
  • Environmental health including noise & pest control
  • Housing – SOHA & homelessness
  • Licenses
  • Sports facilities

NOTE: Comprehensive details of Planning Applications are available at

District Councillor for this area: Judith Nimmo-Smith

  • Oxfordshire County Council
  • Education, careers, youth facilities
  • Census
  • Emergency planning
  • Footpaths & bridleways
  • Highways, pavements, potholes, street lighting & traffic management
  • Hazardous waste and waste management
  • Libraries, museums, and the arts
  • Public transport
  • Social services
  • Trading standards
  • County Councillor for this area: David Nimmo-Smith


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