Councillors - Mathew Wickens, Tim Corbishley, Doug Griggs, David Petheridge, Duncan Brown, Jill Playford
Clerk to the Council - Claire Dunk
There were 10,200 parishes in England in 1997 of which 8,629 parishes have an elected council called a parish council totalling some 70,000 local councillors.

You must be over 21 years of age to become a member of a parish council. If a member fails throughout six consecutive months to attend any meetings of the council they will be disqualified and barred from holding office.

The Checkendon Parish Councillors were elected unopposed in May 2015.
Chairman - Mathew Wickens Vice Chairman - Tim Corbishley Clerk & Finance Officer - Claire Dunk

Footpaths - David Petheridge Highways - David Petheridge Litter - All

Planning - Tim Corbishley, Mathew Wickens Playground - Tim Corbishley, Doug Griggs

School - Duncan Brown Sports Club & Recreation Ground - Mathew Wickens, Doug Griggs

Village Hall - Tim Corbishley Website - Duncan Brown
Council Meetings
The Parish Council meets seven times a year. The dates for 2016 are:

4th January
7th March
21st March - Annual Electors Meeting
9th May
4th July
5th September
7th November
All meetings are on a Tuesday at 8:00pm in Checkendon Village Hall and members of the public are welcome to attend.

A quorum of three members must attend each meeting. The chairman and vice chairman are elected each May at the Annual Parish Meeting and councillors assigned their responsibilities.

Minutes of council meeting may be viewed online, see Council Documents below.
Council Meetings
Council Documents
The council documents referenced below may be viewed online in PDF format. Please note, to view PDF documents you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free by clicking
Under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, the Parish Council is under a legal obligation to allow access to various information regarding council business. The list of information and the access procedure may be viewed online. - View (8KB).

The following information is available online:

Chairman's Annual Report 2014-2015 - View (12KB)

Minutes of each Parish Council Meeting are published here after approval, which normally occurs in the following meeting:
Council Documents
Local Government
There are two further levels of elected local government in this area: district and county.
There follows a summary of the main activities performed by these elected bodies.
Local Government
• Public amenities including rubbish collection, recycling, litter, street cleaning & street name plates
• Building control, planning, appeals and enforcement
• Community safety
• Council tax collection
• Elections
• Environmental health including noise & pest control
• Housing - SOHA & homelessness
• Licences
• Sports facilities

NOTE: Comprehensive details of Planning Applications are available at

District Councillors for this area: David Nimmo-Smith, Charles Bailey
• Education, careers, youth facilities
• Census
• Emergency planning
• Footpaths & bridleways
• Highways, pavements, potholes, street lighting & traffic management
• Hazardous waste and waste management
• Libraries, museums and the arts
• Public transport
• Social services
• Trading standards

County Councillor for this area: Kevin Bulmer
South Oxfordshire District Council
Oxfordshire County Council